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The Woodlot as it is known in the world of Mountain Biking is part of the mecca for biking known as the Shore.  The Woodlot consists of a network of trails that have been painstakingly constructed by hand by a group of extremely dedicated builders over the better part of a decade, and ridden by thousands of people every year.  The Woodlot has played a key role in the development of mountain bikes as well as the style of riding known as "Freeriding".

The site needs some more pictures to fill out the gallery section.  If you have any of you or your friends riding the Woodlot, please e-mail them to me at webmaster@woodlot.s5.com

For trail updates at the Woodlot, please visit www.fvmba.com

There will no longer be trail updates here.

All trails at the Woodlot are constantly being maintained so that we have the best riding experience possible.  Please be careful and watch for builders at all times.  They're the reason we have a great place to ride.


Info and trails.

The Woodlot is actually the BC Ministry of Forest woodlot license 0007.  It is managed by the British Columbia Institute of Technology Forest Society.  It is located on the eastern border of the Municipality of Maple Ridge and comprises of a 275 hectare area that is a financially self sustaining working forest that also serves as a classroom.  But more importantly, it is a great place to ride.

Many of the trails in the Woodlot have been featured in films such as the Kranked and New World Disorder series'.  The trail system consists of 17 trails that vary from beginner/intermediate to expert/extreme.  The list of trails is as folows: B-Line, Blood Donor, Giant Killer, Goldmine/Cabin Trail, Heckyl and Jeckyl, Hoots, Krazy Karpenter, Lower Toadstool, Mandatory Caution/Fluffy Kitten, Platinum, Quickhit, Shotgun, Snakes and Ladders, The Gate, Tsuga, Upper Toadstool, and Woodlot Gold.  To find any of these amazing trails all you have to do is head out there and hook up with one of the friendly locals.

For the record.  I will not post any maps of the Woodlot and I will not give directions to any trails.  If you want to ride it, come out and hook up with a local.

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